3 most popular game for VR

There are many great games for the Oculus Rift. And the Oculus Store offers a number of the best, which are certainly worth your hard-earned money. But before you cough up, you should take a look at the really cool free content in the Oculus Store.

High production cost, engaging VR mechanics, Touch optimization: these games have it all. Without further ado, here are five best free Virtual reality games for Rift.

1. Brass Tactics Arena

Play one-on-one online or in Conquest history from your Oculus Rift, Gear VR or Facebook Gameroom account. This exciting collectible card game combines fantasy with World War II on the 4 × 4 battlefield, which is full of giants, frightening war machines and rockets.


This is an uncompromising VR shooter for hardcore players who are already used to virtual reality. If you “grew up” on games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, SOCOM and other tactical military shooters of this type, then you will feel at home on Homeward He has a lot in common with these games, as well as with the cult Call of Duty. And all this was created by just one single guy!

3. Rec Room

Rec Room is not really a regular game, but rather a social VR application containing many interesting and fun games. You will get bogged down in multiplayer adventures, casual sports and the latest addition to Rec Royale, a royal battle shooter

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